Daemon Behr

I’ve been in IT for my entire life – first computer was a Radio Shack TRS-80 at age 5. Since then I have been hooked on ‘tronics. I went to school for digital systems and telecommunications to advance my skills and make a career out of a hobby, but dropped out after a couple of years to be an entrepreneur instead. I built custom systems and sold them, which at the time was very lucrative. I then started to combine some of my skills from school and got into structured cabling and datacenter design. Around 2003, I came across this small startup called VMware and started building my career around the capabilities of the platform.

Fast forward a few decades and I have seen the rise and fall of all sorts of technologies and merging of companies. I’ve worked for Telecoms, Service Providers, VARs, and thus have been able to see enterprise architecture from all sides.

In 2014, a came across another small company called Nutanix that was doing some interesting things. I decided to focus my career around that see where it went. After a few years as a Nutanix Technology Champion, a speaker at many conferences and one of the co-authors of the Nutanix Design Guide, I joined the company

This site is a place I created to centralize my thoughts and aggregate important information that I think would be useful to others interested in architecture design, hybrid cloud and Nutanix.