Hey! What is this all about?

I’m an Architect at Nutanix who likes to give opinions and think about big picture things. 

I have a pretty good idea, but its still a perpetual work in progress. It’s like painting the Golden Gate bridge – by the time it is complete, its time to repaint it again. I have not been a good poster for a while. Life and world events have beaten down many people, myself included and priorities have shifted. Well its time for that to change and some semblance of normalcy to re-emerge. So this site is getting a facelift and I’m doing some spring cleaning.

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of Nutanix or anyone else.

Sometimes you sit on a chair, and other times the weight of the world sits on you, and you are the chair.

-Most of the world (2020-22)

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